As a global Company Builder headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), Transcon International manages marketing portfolios for IT companies in South East Asia. Transcon selects young and disruptive technology companies to support digital revolution. With a global network and association with Fortune 500 companies, Transcon supports companies from incubation through growth phases.




We have learned how to mitigate risks of new technology ventures, develop them and transfer exciting technologies to promising emerging markets. We have been able to extract best practices from experience, which we now apply to each of our portfolio companies.


Today we have a proven track record in building successful businesses and globalizing their technology. I believe we are only at the beginning of the next technology revolution and that many disruptive new technologies will be developed and spread across the globe at an accelerated speed.


Our passion and vision is to make Transcon International a key player in this revolution. With our scalable system and global network we are well positioned to make great technologies available to the people all around the world and are ready to further grow, professionalize and internationalize.


We have witnessed how the combination of globalization and technology advancement has changed the entrepreneurial landscape and success criteria. Today, an entrepreneur demands speed, expertise, experience and access to capital. In 2016 this led us to initiate Transcon International, one of the first Sales & Marketing front end companies supporting penetration from the South East to Europe markets. Over the last 2 years Transcon International has developed into a system that ‘engineers’ start-ups in a way calling ‘Industrial Farming’.




We are a global company builder with headquarters in Switzerland and currently hold penetration portfolios for Indian Companies in the core sectors: Construction, IT, Real Estate. We create value for our stakeholders through our proven and focused business model: identification and incubation of promising ideas, growth and finally internationalization to high growth markets. Our business model is complemented by our Company Building Strategy which leverages our key strengths:


· Ability to identify winning technologies and business models

· Established risk mitigating management processes

· Extensive global network of experts, entrepreneurs, industrial families, executives and politicians

· Expanding base of international hubs